Sustainable Intensification of the Pig Value Chain in Uganda-for improved livelihood and enhanced food security

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Created Thursday 26th of July, 2018
Last updated Wednesday 22nd of May, 2019
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract The project’s specific objective is to increase the productivity and profitability of Uganda smallholder pig enterprises through identifying the most appropriate pig breed-type(s); developing a genetic improvement strategy to ensure the availability and accessibility of genetically superior pigs; and supporting the uptake and optimal management of the genetically superior pigs by women and men smallholder pig keepers.
How this dataset could be used by others The aim of collecting this data is to create an evidence base that will support on-farm decisions, service delivery by extension workers and policy formulation for improved productivity and profitability smallholder pig enterprises in Uganda
Principal investigator Marshall K
Principal investigator email
Partners University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Austria and National Animal genetic Resources Center and Databank (NAGRC&DB), Entebbe, Uganda, District Local Administration
Other researchers involved Sölkner Johann, Nakajubi Esther, Ouma Emily, Wurzinger Maria, Babigumira Brian Martin
Contact person Rutto Erick
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Custodian Babigumira Brian Martin
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License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? No
Consent obtained? No

Project metadata

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Project title Using Genomics as a decision support tool for smallholder pig enterprises in Uganda
Project abstract The study applies system analysis methods to smallholder pig eneterprises in two districts of Uganda to collect and analyse primary data on household demographic characteristics, pig production and management practices, ownership and control of household assets and livelihoods.
Donor Austria Development Agency and International Livestock Research Institute
Partners University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), District local administration
Start date 01/06/2018
End date 01/12/2019
Principal investigator Babigumira Brian Martin
Other staff involved Sölkner Johann, Marshall Karen, Ouma Emily, Wurzinger Maria,Lule Peter,Rutto Erick