ADGG SNP data for crossbred cattle

The SNP database with results from animals sampled from dairy farms in Tanzania (5000), Ethiopia (6500) and Kenya (617) from which the breed composition sub-data was generated in the ADGG project. Due to obligations to our host countries users of this data must commit to recognizing IP clauses which do not allow development or protection of this IP. If you can satisfy these clauses please contact the PI, Contact and Custodian shown in the dataset metadata to request the data, after completion of a non-disclosure agreement.

Tanzania genotypes : /home/rmrode/data/adgg-tan/geno/ADGG_TZN_all_imputed_geno.txt

Ethiopia genotypes: /home/rmrode/data/adgg-eth/geno/ADGG_ETP_imputed_geno.txt

Kenya genotypes: /home/rmrode/data/adgg-ken/geno/ADGG_KEN_geno.txt

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