Baseline Database for Kenya and Uganda

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The baseline data for Kenya and Uganda

The following fields are confidential in this dataset

Table: hhgeoinfo (Description of hhgeoinfo)

  • latitude (Latitude)
  • longitude (Longitude)

Table: hh_info (household_identification)

  • dataentryclerkname (dataentryclerkname)
  • division (division)
  • enumeratorname (enumeratorname)
  • gpsx (gpsx)
  • gpsy (gpsy)
  • hhcontacts (hhcontacts)
  • hhheadname (hhheadname)
  • location (location)
  • respondentname (respondentname)
  • reviewername (reviewername)
  • village (village)

Table: section_a_1_1 (Section A: 1.1)

  • religion (religion)
  • religionother (religionother)

Table: section_a_1_6_dry (Section A: 1.6 Dry)

  • laborer_name (firstname)

Table: section_a_1_6_rainy (Section A: 1.6 Rainy)

  • first_name (firstname)

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No audit information available

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