Promotion of Diffused Light Storage

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Dataset metadata

Item Value
Created Friday 6th of March, 2015
Last updated Friday 6th of July, 2018
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract constructed DLS number
Principal investigator Kalpana Sharma
Other researchers involved Abiyot Aragaw, Gebrehiwot Hailemariam
Contact person Kalpana Sharma
Contact email
Custodian Kalpana Sharma
Custodian email,
Sub-National Level
  • LEMO
Data collected from 2014-06-01 to 2014-06-30
Availability date 2014-07-30
License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? Yes
Consent obtained? No
Citation CIP Ethiopia Africa RISING diffused light storage, 2014-2015.
Acknowledgements Kalpana Sharma and Steffen Schulz

Project metadata

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Project title Promotion of Diffused Light Storage
Project abstract Storage losses including impaired quality are partly caused by harvested crops not being stored in a product specific manner. Diffused Light Storage (DLS) is a post-harvest technology which uses natural indirect light instead of low temperature to control excessive sprout growth of potato seeds, extend their storage life, reduce the associated storage losses and improve productivity of the potato crop. It is a low cost method which provides a new opportunity for farmers to preserve the quality of seed potato. Quality Declared Planting Material (QDPM) is a value added product and must be stored in DLS.
Project website
Grant code AfricaRISING Policy
Donor United States Agency for International Development
Start date 2014-01-01
End date 2014-06-01
Principal investigator Kalpana Sharma (CIP)
Other staff involved Abiyot Aragaw, Gebrehiwot Hailemariam, Solomon Gebreselassie Wellington Jogo and Steffen Schulz