Longitudinal Monitoring Survey Database

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Longitudinal Studies Database from LS1 to LS6

The following fields are confidential in this dataset

Table: generalinfo (geninfo)

  • farmername (farmername)
  • hhname (hhname)
  • respondentname (respondentname)
  • reviewername (reviewername)
  • sitecoordname (sitecoordname)

Table: labour_cost_info_2_1 (labour cost info 2.1)

  • firstname (firstname)

Table: labour_cost_info_2_3 (labour cost info 2.3)

  • name (name)

Table: pedigree_info_1_1 (pedigree info 1.1)

  • animalname (animalname)
  • damregno (damregno)
  • regno (regno)
  • sireregno (sireregno)

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No audit information available

Resource Metadata Information

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