Food fortification practices and awareness

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Dataset metadata

Item Value
Created Thursday 10th of November, 2016
Last updated Friday 6th of July, 2018
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract The postharvest management research of Africa RISING focuses on testing innovative postharvest handling, processing and storage technologies to reduce postharvest loss and increase the quality and market value of maize. The goal is to improve the income and nutritional status of smallholder farmers.
How this dataset could be used by others The dataset contains survey data on fortification practices and awareness and lab analysis results
Principal investigator Adebayo Abass
Principal investigator email A.ABASS@CGIAR.ORG
Other researchers involved Mr. Audifas Gaspar, Mr. William Mwakyami, Mr. Khalifa Mwinyigoha, Ms. Alimelda Clement and Ms. Esther Kabula
Contact person Adebayo Abass
Contact email A.ABASS@CGIAR.ORG
Custodian Adebayo Abass
Custodian email A.ABASS@CGIAR.ORG,
Data collected from 17/09/2015
Data collected to 30/09/2015
Availability date 01/11/2016
License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? No
Consent obtained? Yes
Intellectual Property Ownership IITA
Citation Abass A.B., Gasper, A. and Kabula, E. 2016: Survey data-Fortification practices and awareness and Lab analysis data-Fortified 'flour' and 'ugali' samples
Acknowledgements USAID

Project metadata

Item Value
Project title Postharvest management research of Africa RISING in Tanzania
Project abstract The project focuses on post-harvest research including fortification practices and awareness
Start date 01/01/2014
End date 01/01/2017
Principal investigator Haroon Sseguya, Adebayo Abass
Other staff involved Audifas Gasper, Esther Kabula, William Nwakyami