Pig multipathogen survey and disease impact - Lira district, Uganda

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Dataset metadata

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Created Thursday 11th of March, 2021
Last updated Thursday 9th of December, 2021
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract Co-infection of respiratory and healminths in pigs
How this dataset could be used by others Further analysis linked to other similar datasets in Uganda pig system
Principal investigator Michel Dione
Principal investigator email m.dione@cgiar.org
Partners Makerere University, Uganda
Other researchers involved Peter Oba,Barbara Wieland, Emily Ouma
Contact person Michel Dione
Contact email m.dione@cgiar.org
Custodian Michel Dione
Custodian email m.dione@cgiar.org
Data collected from 08/10/2018
Data collected to 30/11/2019
Availability date 31/12/2021
License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? No
Consent obtained? Yes
Intellectual Property Ownership ILRI
Citation Michel Dione, Peter Oba,Barbara Wieland, Emily Ouma (2021). Multipathogen survey and risk factors. ILRI. Available at https://data.ilri.org/dataset/multipathogen-survey-and-risk-factors, retrieved on 11/03/2021
Acknowledgements CRP Livestock

Project metadata

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Project title Epidemiology of Respiratory Diseases: Impact on Smallholder Pig Production Systems in Uganda
Project abstract Knowledge of epidemiology of circulating respiratory pathogens, their impacts on pig productivity and genetic diversity in Uganda is limited or lacking. Thus, identifying circulating pathogens, risk factors for their occurrence and determining their genetic diversity in pig populations in Uganda provides a useful framework for design of prevention and control interventions. In addition, losses associated with respiratory infections need to be quantified to guide decision making processes that aim to reduce the negative impacts of respiratory diseases. This research project is expected to generate important information useful to address critical constraints to pig production and productivity in Uganda.The overall objective of this activity is to determine the impact of respiratory diseases on pig production. The specific objectives are: i. Determine the impact of respiratory diseases on weight gain in pigs ii. Determine the genetic diversity of important respiratory pathogens in domestic pigs in Uganda iii. Quantify economic losses associated with respiratory disease(s)/infections in pigs in Uganda
Grant code Animal Health Flaghsip
Donor CRP Livestock
Partners Makerere University, Uganda
Start date 01/01/2018
End date 31/12/2021
Principal investigator Michel Dione