Seven modules on nutrition developed by AVRDC, AMEDD and ICRISAT

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Created Friday 6th of March, 2015
Last updated Friday 6th of July, 2018
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract The topics treated during the nutrition field school sessions were (1) nutrition of children between six and 24 months and preparation of enriched porridge using whole grain millet, (2) nutrition of pregnant and breast feeding (nursing) mothers and preparation of enriched peanut sauce and (3) auto-diagnostic of nutritional status of children between 6 months and 5 years and prevention of Vitamin A, iron and iodine deficiency (4) Food needs of sick children and the preparation of sorghum porridge enriched with legumes; (5) Food Groups: Proteins and preparation of enriched leaf sauce; (6) Food groups that provide energy: Carbohydrates and lipids, and cooking of Laro; (7) Food Groups: Vitamins and minerals and preparation of ‘to’ from soyabean flour. During each session the essential hygiene and nutrition messages, as identified by the Helen Keller International were also repeated.
Principal investigator Dr Eva Weltzien
Other researchers involved Dr Albert Rouamba, Mr Bougouna Sogoba, Pierre Coulibaly
Contact person Dr Albert Rouamba & Bougouna Sogoba
Contact email
Custodian Dr Albert Rouamba & Bougouna Sogoba
Custodian email,
Sub-National Level
Data collected from 2013-06-01 to 2014-02-28
Availability date 2014-12-31
License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? Yes
Consent obtained? No
Citation Seven modules on nutrition developed by AVRDC, AMEDD and ICRISAT
Acknowledgements Dr Eva Weltzien, Dr Albert Rouamba , Bougouna Sogoba & Pierre Coulibaly (AMEDD)

Project metadata

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Project title Sustainable Intensification of Key Farming Systems in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of West Africa
Project abstract As part of the Feed the Future Initiative, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting an innovative multi-stakeholder agricultural research program, the Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (Africa RISING). The program’s main objective is to identify and validate scalable options for the sustainable intensification of key African cereal-based farming systems to increase food production and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and at the same time conserve or improve the natural resource base.
Grant code AfricaRISING Policy
Donor United States Agency for International Development
Start date 2011-01-01
End date 2016-12-31
Principal investigator Birhanu Zemadim Birhanu (PhD) Scientist: Land and Water Management
Other staff involved Dr Eva Weltzien, Mary Ollengurger, Dr John N'Zungize, Dr Monica Petrie (ICRISAT/Mali)