The Influence of Socio-economic, Behavioural and Environmental Factors on Taenia spp

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Created Friday 11th of December, 2015
Last updated Tuesday 17th of April, 2018
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract The Influence of Socio-economic, Behavioural and Environmental Factors on Taenia spp. Transmission in Western Kenya: Evidence from a Cross-sectional Survey in Humans and Pigs
Principal investigator Fèvre E.
Principal investigator email
Contact person Professor Eric Fèvre
Contact email
Custodian Professor Eric Fèvre
Custodian email
Sub-National Level
  • Western Province
Data collected from 01/06/2010
Data collected to 31/12/2012
Availability date 11/12/2015
License cc-by-nc-sa
Release of confidential data? Yes
Consent obtained? No
Intellectual Property Ownership International Livestock Research Institute
Citation Fèvre E. (2015). People, Animals and their Zoonoses. International Livestock Research Institute. Available at, retrieved on (add date here)
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Project title People, Animals and their Zoonoses
Project abstract This project deals with zoonotic infections amongst livestock and the farmers who keep them. Zoonotic diseases are infections transmitted between animals and humans; they are a major group of pathogens (approximately 60% of all human-infective organisms), with a diversity of animal hosts including wildlife, pets and domestic animals. Domestic livestock (especially cattle and pigs) are an important source of zoonotic infections to humans, due in part to the close interactions between these agricultural animals and the people who keep them. While keeping domestic stock is an important source of rural livelihoods in many countries, these animals may also expose the families who keep them to disease risks. Understanding the interactions between people and their domestic animals, and the transmission of zoonoses between them, is of vital importance in creating the evidence-based disease control policies that are required to protect both human and animal health.
Project website
Grant code 085308
Donor Welcome Trust
Start date 01/06/2009
End date 31/12/2012
Principal investigator Prof Eric Fèvre