Soil survey to characterize 2 sentinel sites (CIAT)

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Created Monday 7th of December, 2015
Last updated Friday 6th of July, 2018
Dataset type Non-spatial
Abstract The Land Degradation Surveillance Framework (LDSF) used by AfSIS was employed to conduct a systematic biophysical assessment of various ecological and soil health metrics. The LDSF was based on a hierarchical spatially stratified, random sampling approach consisting of 100 km2 sentinel landscapes, which were statistically representative of the variability in climate, topography and vegetation of the study area under consideration. To predict soil properties for areas where samples were not collected, relatively large number of samples from representative locations were taken. To overcome the huge cost of analyzing large soil samples using conventional laboratory techniques, near and mid-infrared spectroscopy approaches were used.
Principal investigator Kihara, J. (CIAT)
Partners International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI)
Other researchers involved Winowicki, L.; Masawe, P.
Contact person Kihara, J. (CIAT)
Custodian Kihara, J. (CIAT)
Custodian email
Data collected from 01/03/2014
Data collected to 30/06/2014
Availability date 07/12/2015
License Creative Commons Attribution
Release of confidential data? No
Consent obtained? No
Intellectual Property Ownership CIAT
Citation Kihara J. 2013. Soil survey to characterize 2 sentinel sites Babati, Northern Tanzania. CIAT, Nairobi Kenya.

Project metadata

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Project title Identification of the key biophysical production constraints to crops and livestock at farm and landscape levels
Project abstract Soil survey to characterize 2 sentinel sites (Long and Matufa); agronomic survey to estimate farmers' actual yield
Partners CIAT, SARI
Start date 01/11/2012
End date 01/10/2013
Principal investigator Kihara. J. (CIAT)
Other staff involved Winowicki, L.; Masawe, P.