This portal is a joint initiative from the Humidtropics and Livestock and Fish Research Programs of the CGIAR (CRPs). It aims at increasing transparency and accessibility to the tools that are used within these programs.

The tool database provides an extended metadata for all the tools used within these two CRPs, as well as tools provided to the database through other initiatives. Where the license allows, a link to the access to the tool is given, allowing user to directly make use of it. Moreover, each tool also comes with a reporting space (under related) that allows users to report back from the uses of the tools or exchange information about new development relative to the tool.

There are different ways to search the database.

  1. The entry “Groups” allows users of the portal to find databases that have been used by different initiatives and groups. Consequently, there are both a Humidtropics and a Livestock and Fish group, allowing a user to retrieve separate tool lists for each of these CRPs.

  2. The filters on the left hand side of the webpage are developed using pre-defined key words provided by the tool contacts. The filter “format of the tool” allows to explicitly filtering for spatial tools.

  3. Free search that scans the entire metadata text.

Beyond reporting back from the use of the already available tools, this portal welcomes contribution of new tools from any user. Please contact Catherine Pfeifer ( to get access to the portal to contribute.