Livestock and Fish Value Chain Assessment Toolkit (version 2)

Demand for livestock and fish, and their products, is growing at very high rates in the developing world (Herrerro et al, 2014). This demand is expected to trigger increased production of these products, therefore creating an opportunity for millions of small scale fish and livestock farmers as well as for the many low capital intensive inputs and services providers working in the fish and livestock value chains. However, depending on the structure of the value chains, their current performance and governance, as well as how consumer demand is structured, there is a risk that small scale farmers and value chain actors may not be able to tap into these opportunities. Between 2010 and 2016, the Livestock and Fish CRP worked with 9 value chains to identify entry points for interventions through a process of problem identification, selection of promising interventions, testing and scaling. This toolkit describes the tools used during the problem identification stage. It is a living document that will be periodically revised.

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