Nile Goblet

Nile Goblet is a software that allows stakeholder to introduce suitability ranges for agricultural practices for several criteria (layers), the software then return suitability maps where all the suitability ranges introduced are met. This tool has been developed for the Nile Basin Challenge Program and therefore comes with a database of geographical layers for the Nile, and has rainwater management agricultural practices already programmed as an illustration.

Summary of uses: • Introducing stakeholders to suitability ranges for agriculture practices for several criteria • Producing maps where all the suitability ranges introduced are met

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Additional Information

Field Value
Contributing organisations ILRI/IWMI, Nile Bassin Development Challenge Program
Contact person Catherine Pfeifer
Alternate contact Carlos Quiros
Participatory approach / method to address complexity
Target audience
When in the project cycle is the tool useful
Contribution to gender research
Spatial scale
Levels of organizations taken into account
Source of data
Expected output of tool
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Tool manual/User guide
Citation Pfeifer C., Abebe Y., Quiros C. and Notenbaert A. 2012. Manual for the Nile-Goblet open-source GIS tool: Drawing your own suitability maps for rainwater management strategies made easy.